One-Line Bio

I'm an automotive analyst, living with my partner (who I'm not allowed to marry...).


I was born in a small log cabin...

Well, no. I was raised in the quiet suburbs of northern New Jersey (the part of the state without an accent) and educated in a pretty good public school system. I became a car enthusiast at around age 3, and started drawing cars around age 10, so, by the time I graduated high school, I had decided I wanted to be an automotive designer. I got an engineering degree at MIT (intended to be a prelude to going to a design school), and then stumbled into a job at one of Detroit's Big Three, doing planning and marketing within their Design Staff. I stayed with the design organization for about fourteen years (during which time I went back for an MBA at Harvard), and then moved into our Competitive Intelligence unit, where I head up the Product Intelligence team.

I live in the trendy suburb in the Detroit area with a great guy I met by chance in the middle of 2001. He's a registered nurse, and very good with plants and things (which I am not), which means all the greenery in and around our house looks fabulous. We have no kids (nor will we) but we do have a loud, needy, and very affectionate cat named Frasier.

This will be considered a PG13-rated blog--just like in real life, I'll keep profanity to a minimum (unless I'm quoting another source directly), but some subjects may be of...well, for lack of a better term, "mature content." Of course, you'll have a chance to post comments along the lines of, "Gosh, I was just thinking the same thing!" or "What are you, headless?"

You may be asking yourself, "Self--should I even be reading this?" I've devised a kind of test. If the majority of the following statements seem to mirror your own sentiments, you will likely consider this blog a waste of your time:

- "I consider a car to be nothing more than a way of getting from Point A to Point B"
- "Science fiction is best appreciated by people who live in their parents' basement and have never been on a date"
- "My culinary skills go about as far as adding boiling water to a bag of Ramen noodles."
- "My VCR is still flashing '12:00'. I just watch the occasional movie."
- "I love watching reality TV."
- "Marriage should only be allowed between one man and one woman."
- "I hate wearing watches. I just use my cellphone to find out what time it is."


Murder mysteries, martinis, cars, gadgets, travel, cooking, design, theatre